David Verses Goliath…you don’t have to be famous to be AWSOME!!!

Brilliant Eddie! Thanks


Two of biggest issues I wanted to cover whilst writing ‘How To Love ‘ were the different attitudes faced by someone who not only was disabled but also part of the LGBT community and the actual physical barriers faced within society in Uk .So much about societies view of disabled people has defiantly changed for the better in my 43 years on this earth. I remember vividly how if I went to a concert as a very young person how I was forced to sit at the back of the arena not able to see a single thing happening onstage.I remember countless occasions going on family Holidays only to find my wheelchair had been damaged or the inflatable wheels let down with no way to pump them back up meaning having to spend the entire holiday with flat tires.So now I focus on modern-day life as a wheelchair user and here…

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